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If you’re shopping for countertops, look no further than Hill Country Flooring. Based in Austin, TX, we offer a vast selection and professional quality installation. Call today for a free estimate.


At Hill Country Flooring, we’re known for our selection of modern and laminate flooring options. That’s not all we do, though. Our experienced designers and contractors can help you find the next countertop of your dreams.

When it comes to countertops installation, we’ve all seen how badly it can go when a homeowner tries to do it themselves. Gaps, crooked tiles, raised edges - they’re all tell-tale signs of DIY countertop installation. That’s why hiring professional countertop installers is worth it, even if it’s a little more in cost.

Work With the Home Professionals

A solid surface countertop installation is an impactful home project, and we take it seriously. We vet our local countertop installers, ensuring that you get professional service coming from a trained background. That’s why we offer a long-term guarantee on all our work and free repairs in case of damage. Other benefits to working with professional installers include:

●      Efficiency - They’ll be in and out of your home quickly.

●      The right equipment - These experienced contractors come with the right tools for the job.

●      Work guarantee - If we mess something up, we’ll fix it.

●      Quality - Get professional quality work that will last a lifetime.

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Hill Country Flooring remains Austin, TX’s premier flooring and countertop installation company. We offer a vast selection of quality countertops, from marble to granite to tile. Call to set up your free estimate and start planning your next big project today!

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