Carpeting 101 From The Carpet Flooring

Looking for a brief rundown of the different types of carpets and the benefits of professional installation? Let the experts at Hill Country Flooring help you pick the perfect flooring for you!

With more flooring options than ever, you’re probably wondering if carpets are the right choice for you.

While hardwood and tile flooring are the perfect choice for some situations, there are also many times that carpet is the best option for your indoor flooring needs. But beware; poor carpet flooring installation can lead to lost time and lost money. 

You’ll rely on your carpeting for years to come, so why entrust your carpet installation to amateurs? Call the professionals at Hill Country Flooring to help you select and install the perfect option for you.

Different Types Of Carpets

Carpet Types Styles Pros Cons Uses
Loop Pile Level loop Because the tips of the fabric aren’t exposed, this carpeting doesn’t wear out as quickly Can be difficult to conceal carpet seams Good for high-traffic, casual areas
  Multi-level loop Tips of fabric aren’t exposed so it doesn’t wear out as quickly, also the multi-level loops help hide wear much better Can be difficult to conceal carpet seams Good for high-traffic, casual areas
Cut Pile Velvet Plush Soft feel with a smooth, level surface Not as durable as other styles, dirt and footprints more visible Best for low-traffic, formal areas
  Saxony Dense and smooth surface. Dense carpeting hides footprints and wear decently well Wears down faster than loop-style carpet Good for moderately trafficked, moderately formal areas
  Frieze Textured and highly twisted tufts make this type of carpets very durable, hides footprints well Twisted tufts make it less smooth and plush-feeling Good for high traffic, informal areas
Cut Loop Cut-loop Hides wear and dirt very well thanks to tufts with alternating heights Its uneven surface makes it less smooth Good for informal, high traffic areas

Benefits Of Carpeting

  • Style: Carpets help set the entire tone and feel of a room. The right carpet is crucial to achieving the ambiance you want for a room for years to come. So why not get it right the first time?
  • Sustainability: High-quality luxury carpeting can help decrease your building’s environmental impact by utilizing environmentally-friendly production practices.
  • Indoor Air Quality: Indoor air quality plays a significant role in our overall health and well-being. So many indoor air quality problems can be attributed to VOCs (volatile organic compounds), which are present in materials and substances like paints, cleaners, and more.

    Not only does carpeting help to trap these VOCs, but it traps allergens and fiber particles as well! This helps mitigate health problems associated with poor air quality, including inflammation to the eyes, nose, and throat.
  • Reduced Noise Levels: Wall-to-wall carpeting substantially improves room acoustics. Because it decreases noise pollution, it helps reduce distractions at work, especially in open floor plans.
  • Room Temperature: Carpets help to insulate a room and don't draw warmth from the feet nearly as quickly as hardwood floors. This means more comfortable floors and warmer homes in the cooler winter months.
  • Safety: Unlike hardwood floors, carpeting never becomes dangerously slippery and it allows for a smoother landing surface in the event of a fall. This is especially important if children or senior citizens are present.

Benefits Of Professional Carpet Flooring Installation

Don’t let the carpet installation cost deter you from entrusting this task to professionals. This is an important investment that will be there all day, everyday. 

Some other reasons for professional carpet installation services include…

  • Time: Carpet installation takes a lot of time even when being performed by professionals. Amateurs can spend days and even weeks on the whole process, which is definitely not how you want to spend your weekends.
  • Quality: One of the first things your guests will notice is your carpets. Do you really want a DIY job to reflect poorly on your home’s quality?
  • Longevity: Professionally installed luxury carpeting will hold up far longer than amateur work.

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