Tile Flooring 101 From The Flooring Experts

Hill Country Flooring is the Lone Star State’s flooring experts, which is why we’ve created a guide to picking the perfect tile flooring. Check it out here!

As you browse the long list of tile flooring options, you’re probably looking for an easy way to understand which tile and flooring best fit your needs.

And we’re here to help! As one of the Lone Star State’s most experienced flooring professionals, Hill Country Flooring is here to help you select and install the perfect tile flooring solution for your needs.

Check out our guide on tile flooring and tile installation below!

Different Types Of Tile Flooring

Tile Pros Cons Good For
Ceramic Repel water, durable, inexpensive Not completely waterproof Bathroom fixtures and flooring
Terracotta Durable, doesn’t get as cold in winter months Not completely waterproof Bathroom fixtures and flooring
Vinyl Durable, easy to install, inexpensive Not as aesthetically pleasing as other tile options Shower walls & areas with high moisture exposure
Natural Stone Beautiful and durable, timeless Can be expensive, porous and needs to be sealed Bathroom fixtures and flooring
Porcelain Highly durable, aesthetically pleasing, nearly waterproof Can be expensive, based on the origin Bathroom flooring
Slate Versatile styles, durable Expensive Home flooring

7 Benefits Of Tile Flooring

  • Easy To Clean: Tile flooring is far easier, and far less time-consuming to clean than other types of flooring, such as carpeting. 
  • Low Maintenance: After initial tile installation, flooring needs only be recoated with sealer once every three or four years in order to preserve the floor’s integrity. 
  • Easy Fixes: In the event that you do need to fix your floor, most tile flooring fixes can be done at home without any professional training. Just remember to keep some extra tiles and grout on hand!
  • Keeps Your Home Cool: Tile flooring plays a critical role in temperature regulation and helps keep your home cool even in those hot summer months. This means tile flooring is a great option for screened-in patios and decks, while carpeting is better for rooms that are more frequented in the winter.
  • Cost-Effective: Because tile is so inexpensive, and because maintenance is so easy and minimal, tile flooring is often one of the most cost-effective flooring options available.
  • Variety Of Options: There are a ton of different tile flooring options, which makes tile one of the most highly customizable flooring options available on the market. This means there is a tile flooring solution to fit almost any needs.
  • Durability: Because it is so highly durable, tile is an excellent choice for highly trafficked areas like hallways and entryways. After all, even the most durable carpets can’t compete with the tile’s longevity.

Benefits Of Professional Carpet Flooring Installation

The cost of tile installation is fairly comparable to other flooring options, but it’s important that you entrust it to a professional.


  • Time: Professional tile installation takes time, and to learn proper grouting and spacing techniques, it could take amateurs several weekends to complete.
  • Aesthetics: It takes years of practice to be able to place tiles symmetrically and uniformly. As it is so easy to spot incorrectly placed tiles, it is a job best left to the professionals.
  • Quality: Improperly installed tiles are prone to leaks and damage, which leads to huge bills and repair headaches. The cost of repairing the damage from an improperly installed floor is far greater than paying the professionals to get it done right the first time.

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